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OKAY. So I only started my blog yesterday, and since it's super addictive I'm going to post as much as possible. Which will probably mean that I'll have a lot of nothing posts, but eh. You don't have to read them if you don't want to >:D

Okay so at the start of this year sometime I went to Singapore and Indonesia, but I can't really talk about that seeing as I don't remember anything about it.


Here are a few pictures which were taken on that trip, and the only reason I know they were was because the facebook album which I stole them out of was titled 'ChristmasHolidays~2010/11'

OOOH and it was a cruise to Malaysia as well. (just found a picture of me on a boat)

okay then.

me in this super cool hotel in Singapore standing in front of the never ending pool. THE HOTEL WAS SHAPED LIKE A BOAT. LIKE SRSLY.

Standing on water. Coz I can do that now.

Most of my cousins and I with Mak-Sian on the cruise ship

In Singapore on the Climbax at Magazip Park. I'm the one in the pink shirt btdubs.

My cousin Dhamma. husifbanjfdalenrgj so cute.

Chillin at Singapore Zoo
Okay turns out I do remember something about that trip- it was super fun. and that is the extent of my memory.

Then all this stuff happened, then in JUNE (on the 24th- I remember coz it's the day after my mum's bday) I went to space camp with Sonja and all these other school people. It was so cool. We went to LA, Huntsville Alabama, Washington DC, Orlando and San Fransisco and got to meet all these American people and learn about spacey stuff and <3

This was taken while we were walking to Planet Hollywood for dinner in Orlando

At Space Camp in Huntsville. I was the mission scientist and we were controlling the mission. Can't think of better words for what we wee doing. Mainly just reading from a script.  

At this pizza place with the wands we bought from Harry Potter World in the Islands of Adventure. I was sick.
On top of this big mountain at Yosemite.
 Okay, then a couple of weeks after we got back from space camp, I had school camp. We had to choose either the biking trail or this other one. Diem and I chose the biking one, but Sonja did the other one and jaaa. In our trail, we had to bike for 70 something kilometers an we also did some mountain climbing (which I actually really enjoyed, although getting down was a bit iffy). I actually really enjoyed camp even though biking for that long was like paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

belaying the high ropes. as you can tell, it was super comfortable.
setting up the tent. LAST YEAR WE CHOSE AN OPEN ONE AND SPIDERS GOT ALL IN IT. so we knew better this year :)
this was BEFORE climbing the mountain. don't ask how we actually managed to get up there.
you can't see our feet in the last photo
on top of the mountain :)
our (to quote Diem) amaaaaaaaazeballs cheesecake
bumming around
and yeahh :) it was actually really fun. AND two days after camp, we had maths camp. but we still had to go home for the Saturday, which I didn't really get. LOL maths camp, sounds so nerdy. It was only one night, and we just did maths and had a quiz night and bummed around. OOOH and teapotted.

here are some photos of our fabutastic teapotting.

if you look closely you can see chloe

my 'trying not to laugh' face.

bet you've never seen a pro-er hider in your life


okay we aren't teapotting in this one, but it looks super cool.

AND (yes there's more) from the 14th to the 18th of October, I went to wellington for JYPT with Diem, Rachel and Allissa. IT WAS ACTUALLY SO FUN. We debated physics problems that we worked on wit students from other schools. It was at Wellington High School (LOL had no idea how to incorporate that last statement into my previous ones).
We didn't get to do much touring, but we did do an 'amazing race' which was fun..

and yes, in conclusion we came 8th. ALTHOUGH WE STILL GOT A BRONZE MEDAL. ahhh we suck.

bumming around at Brisbane airport

the plane ride was shocking.

doing the amazing race. one of the things was to find that fountain behind us. twas a cool fountain.

before leaving for the planetarium
 On the last night, we had dinner at the fanciest Mediterranean restaurant you've ever seen in your life. Like, they had this really pro piano player an saxophone player. And it was so fancy, and we were just like sitting in there in our school uniforms EVEN THOUGH our hotel was right next door :/
PS the food was really good too.

the waiting room of the fancy restaurant

we weren't so great with the packing.
AND THAT'S ALLLLLLLLL. well not really, but i really cbf posting any more so THAT'S ALLLLLLLL.



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