Monday, December 26, 2011


YAY finally started a blog :)

SO TODAY IS BOXING DAY. I wonder why they call it boxing day>?

well okay then cool story bro.

So every year on Christmas eve, our family goes out to see the christmas lights, but APPARENTLY they're the same every year and coz my mum had her operation a couple of weeks ago she didn't wanna go...so we didn't.  ikr.  sad.

We went to church though, and I realised that church is one of the most festive places ever. Like, it was all decorated and eveything and all the hymns were carols and in conclusion it was festive.

Oh how i wish i had a picture </3

Anyways, Christmas was yesterday, and we had the family over for lunch. It was really yummy and we had these satay skewers and roast chicken and mmm was so yummy. >:)

OOH and pudding. and cake. coz apparently they're very different.

christmas cake

the tree :)

with da fambam

And I got all these cool presents which I will now list.

- This pink camera. which i then took all the phots above with.
- This crystal storm-meter
- Money
- this angel statue
- itunes card
- these 2 perfumes ad this han cream
- a watch
-.......i think that's it...
the remains of my presents

AND went shopping today. <3 boxing day sales

I got these shorts and this shirt, which I understand is very descriptive.

okay. that's all.



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