Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back Home :)

HI guys!

So I got home from Tangalooma yesterday :)
or :( depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, yesterday we pretty much just enjoyed all the free stuff at our resort. We played ping pong, golf, croquet and archery :)

Okay I've decided not to talk any more, and just post the pictures taken all week, coz I couldn't post any pictures of my last posts since I was on my mum's iPhone, which I think I mentioned...

But Tanglooma is one of the prettiest places ever. Like, seriously. Just look.

Okay, so I admit I didn't actually take these photos, my mum's friend did. BUT SO PRETTTTY <3333

SAND TOBOGGANING. (LOOOL I decided to do this post under headings, seeing as I already explained everything in previous posts. But I'll re-explain them a bit)

So on the first day at tangalooma we went on this trip called the 'desert safari tour', which wasn't really a tour because we basically just took a bus to the desert and sand tobogganed down this 70m high sand dune. And got heaps of sand in our eyes, due to the constant sand storms.

after that bumpy bus ride which could have been compared to a simulator, we were in the desert

yeah...it was tiring

that sand dune we tobogganed down

that bus that took us there and those boards we used to toboggan

OOOOH AND WE SAW THE SUNSET. you might have seen the pro picture at the start of this post, but here's the picture I took.

And remember that I mentioned how my brother attempted to plank then fell into a hole? Well here is a picture tat was taken seconds before that.

Some more pictures of the island for you, taken by myself.


On our second day at tangalooma, we went quad biking. Yeah, I already explained that...

here is a picture of me on a quad bike. I have others, but they were bought and I'm no so sure on how to use our scanner...



After we went quad biking, we went parasailing, and omg it was the funnest thing I've ever done in my whole life. We were so high, and you could see really far...
I was freaking out a bit before hand, but yeaaah I think it was my favourite part of the whole trip.

on the boat before going up

got the instructor to take photos of us XD

on the boat after coming down

the boat we took out


After parasailing, we swam for a bit. THEN we went snorkeling out at the sunken ship wrecks.

some of the protruding wrecks

me being a cool kid

and the coolness just continues
us all on the boat
The fishes and coral were reeeeeeally pretty <3 except we left the waterproof camera on the beach, so we didn't get any photos .
OOOH AND I MENTIONED WE SAW A DUGONG. I didn't get any photos of it, but you can see in the next photo where it used to be.

and here' another one, just coz


So I mentioned at the start of the post that yesterday, we played all these free sports like ping pong, golf, croquet and archery, and here are some pictures from that XD




AND YAAAAAA. those are the photos I said I was gonna post...wait here's one more.

okay so I haven't figured out how to scan all the photos we took, but I might post them when I do...or not...depends on how cbf I feel.

So today we went shopping for some school stuff, and I WENT DRIVING!

Well, drove round a carpark for an hour because my mum doesn't trust me to go on the roads yet, but still. It was pretty cool.

Bought a bag as well. Normally I would attach a photo, but this post has taken a while and it's upstairs...which is not exactly close to where I am right now.

AND. school next week, but actually getting excited now.

OOH and I finally started my fashion blog. follow me :) --> www.nicoleanggraini.blogspot.com

LOL I'm so creative with the names.

Reading about 50 fashion blogs now, and my clothes are starting to feel very boring. fsdgbqehorgo too many pretty clothes on these blog. although i will say right now that there are some fashion bloggers out there who really shouldn't be fashion blogging...just sayin..



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