Saturday, January 7, 2012



So yesterday I went to dreamworld with my mum's friend Eva and her daughter Jessie. IT WAS REALLY FUN. Like, normally I'm iffy about going to dreamworld because it's got too many rides which I refuse to go on, except apparently it's really fun.

So when we got there, Daniel and Jessie went on the Cyclone. And naturally I didn't. Coz of the big loop di loops. And the scariness. But AFTER that we all did this Alien vs. Predator laser tag thing.

Doing the laser tag
And as it turns out, laser tag is funner than I assumed it would be. And would you look at this score board.

Now guess which one I was. If you guessed X-Calibre, you would be wrong, I'm not that pro. BUT if you guessed Thor, you would be right, coz I actually am super pro it turns out.

Then we walked around, did all this stuff, went on a few rides, etc, etc.

guess who i met
 And just in case you wanted to watch the Shrek show but didn't get to go to dreamworld. OK so I was going to upload a video here, but I couldn't so please enjoy this photo.

And it turns out that dreamwold has gotten some new rides since I went there last; one cool one, one ridiculous one.

the cool ride which I actually went on

me standing in front of the ridiculous ride tricking you all into thinking tat I went on it
 Actually, funny story. So the ride above was called he Buzz Saw, and it was so funny because all around dreamworld in all of the stores were these shirts and hats for kids and stuff with 'I <3 BS' on them. And I was like loooooooooooooooooooooool. Like, it could have been a joke but they were on shirts for KIDS.

And also

You can't go to dreamworld and not do that.

Now here's a nice photo of the giant drop taken from where I was while my brother as going on it.



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