Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeding the dolphins

Oh hi there again. Loooool blogging twice in a day while staying at a resort (Y)

Top notch.

There just isnt much to do in our room...and i'm a dedicated blogger. Even though apparently our room has a dvd player and i just happened to bring my friends disk. LOL i may be too obsessed.

So i just went out to feed the dolphins. It was so coooooool. Ans the dolphins were like all cute up close and so <3

although there were heeeaps and heaps of people there. And i had to hold a fish. But so coooooool <3

I actually took a video of it, although you cant really see the dolphins in the video. And its a bit dark. And my mums friend is getting yelled at at the start of the video for videoing me.

I'll probably upload it anyway along with all my other photos i took.
Which reminds me; before we fed the dolphins, we ate dinner and went out to the beach to see the sunset. It was really prettttty. Actually got a photo of that too, but it's not that good.

Ooooh and i actually have a story.
So we were taking photos of the sunset, and there was one of those thick log railings in front of us. Anyways, my brother decided that it would be a good idea to try lying on top of it, so he tried but kind of failed. Then my mum was like 'stop planking' or something to that effect. But then my brother was like 'thats not planking. THIS is planking!'

Then he tried to plank on top of it but rolled off and fell into this like, two meter deep hole behind it.

Well actually it wasnt very funny at the time but looking back on it is it XD

ANYWAYS. Also went round taking photos of random stuff... And yaaaa :)

Probably wont get round to the horse racing. But yes.

Gooodnight :)


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