Monday, January 16, 2012

just one week


So school is starting next week. NEXT WEEK.

To be honest, I'm actually quite excited, but DFSNGISGSJIPTHN NEXT WEEK FHDGOADHBPSA. Oh the things I could have done with my holidays.....

I've pretty much achieved nothing since school ended about two months ago. Well, that's not exactly true. I achieved many things.

- I got my learner's
So this was probably my main achievement, and pretty much the only one that could be considered an achievement.

- I watched almost all of the Ellen monologues on YouTube
So you say this shouldn't be counted? I BEG TO DIFFER MY FRIEND. THIS TOOK ME DAYS.

- I started blogging
Oh yes. That which I have been telling myself to do for months, I finally did.

- I went jogging
LOL 'i started blogging, i went jogging' XD
Believe it or not, it's true. I only went once though, and I walked most of the way and stopped to take photos of the nature. Probably just an excuse. BUT I WENT.

- I found some inspirational quotesI actually love inspirational quotes, don't know why exactly. On my other blog (http://www.nicoleanggraini.blogspot.com/ just in case you're wondering) I'm considering making and inspirational quotes page, just for the fun of it. But here are some now anyways.

I admit that some of these were found by Diem. But she won't mind me stealing credit :)

So basically, in conclusion I achieved very much these holidays. OOH and I cleaned my room. Except then I just made it messy again but eh. potayto potarto. ehehehhehh potarto.

I think I mentioned that I'm really excited except I'm also really worried because it's senior o.o
AND i might need to study. shock gasp.


and I think i practised my violin...maybe once? or not? these whole holidays. And I think I might have practised my piano about... 5 times? which is worrying, as i have an exam very very soon. which I am  of course now freaking out about.

an also, recently every time someone has told me something, i don't register it, because I'm just in that cbf mood. but what if this continues and am unable to learn?! UNABLE TO LEEEEARRRRN?!!?!?!

/faints again.


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