Tuesday, January 10, 2012



okay so tbh I'm not really in a blogging mood right now, but, you know...I'll blog anyway.

So these last few days have been like -dies from heat-. Sozzles, but that's the only way I can describe it. Well I actually did stuff today, strangely enough.


I went to the transport place with my mum and we had to wait for like, ever. Then after about an hour (we kept filling out the forms wrong and having to re-line up) I sat the test. AND TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO TOLD ME IT WAS EASY- FDHGUIHSPIGSRTHWRJYH. btdubs, that's me swearing without actually having to swear coz I try not to do that.

Okay, the first section was easy. And the first few questions of the second section were easy, BUT THE REST WASN'T. And it took me like, half an hour. And there were people who started theirs after me and finished before me. === I'm such a slow test-doer. ALTHOUGH, to be fair, the other people were like, 30. And they could have been siting a different test. But still... bhgobwaertgbwbt.

Anyway, I ended up only getting one wrong. Except I almost failed, not even kidding. I had three wrong in the last section, and you're only allowed two wrong. Then about five seconds before giving it in I changed two of my answers and thus I passed :)

Then we went shopping for a bit to buy board shorts coz we're going to Tangalooma in a couple of days, bought like |___________________this______________________| much junk food while we were there, and that's pretty much all :)

Oh yeah, went to the optometrist as well. But that's not interesting.

Recently I've been reading a loooooot of fashion blogs, and I've convinced myself to start one. Except the only thing is, it wouldn't be my clothes that I'd put on it, because no offence to myself but compared to the stuff these people wear, my clothes are like fdgosdbfjgpasgn. And by fdgosdbfjgpasgn I mean boring.

Like look at this:

And I really like that outfit. Now compare it to the last picture I took that shows what I'm wearing. (this is actually what I woe to dreamworld, because I cbf taking a photo of what I'm wearing now.

AND YOU SEE?????????????

So I really want to make a fashion blog, but it would basically be pictures I find on other blogs or magazines or whatever that I would put on it.

And the thing is, I probably won't even end up getting round to it. But anyways...that was just a thought...

One more thing. Am currently reading 'Unbearable Lightness' ( I think there was a picture of it in my last post), and it is actually soooooooo good. Seriously. So good that I could fill up a whole post just talking about it, and I'm only about a third of the way through.

Okay I've just made myself go want to read again.



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