Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music Camp & all that came before


So I know you're all depressed coz you think I've abandoned you. I know right. It was so sad.

I went to music camp. AKA the camp for the pro people which I barely made it into. Not even kidding, I'm like near the back of the second violins of the lowest level orchestra that went.
But ANYWAY I must have played at least 10 hours of violin in those three days. Or maybe less, or more or....well, I didn't really count but I know that it was a lot. And my jaw is so painfulllllllllll. I don't even know why. Well that's not true- I do know why. That chin rest on my violin which I am clearly not holding right because other peoples' jaws are fine. Except Sonja. And a bunch of other people I've found. So basically this whole point is irrelevant.

Anyway, on Friday after school everyone who was going all got changed then got on a bus to Dakabin, which is on the outskirts of Brisbane, or so I've heard- it's not like I actually bothered to find out where BUT I do know for sure that it took about an hour to get there from school.

We arrived at the camp then got our stuff in our rooms, I bunked with Sonja, Emily and Amelia and these two year nine girls who were actually pretty cool.
Then I can't remember what happened but somewhere in there we had dinner and some compulsory fun, and stayed for two nights.

This afternoon we also had a concert of the songs we'd learnt, was pretty cool and all that...

Here's something annoying- I forgot my camera :( Although I did manage to take a few pictures on my phone, all of which are confined to our room. I might update you if anyone else uploads pictures, but that it quite unlikely.

Sonja reading my shop
our room. you can kind of see Sonja reading my shop
Emily and Amelia in our room. That top bunk you see was mine.
 So the times when we weren't doing anything got a bit boring. Vivaldi (my orchestra) was always let out way earlier than the other bands/orchestras, so we had quite bit of free time. Which I'm not complaining about or anything, but there wasn't much to do. Other people did homework and stuff, but yeah...I wasn't going to do my homework while on camp. Although I will admit that at one stage I resorted to doing a few problems of physics. But that's a different story. Well, if you consider that sort of thing interesting, which you really shouldn't, coz it's not. ANYWAY IN CONCLUSION we built a fort with all of the mattresses, And just sat in there chatting.

Twas a great fort
Sooooo yes...that's all for music camp.
Lately I haven't been updating as much a I would have liked to, due to school starting and all that, so I'll just quickly sum up the things that happened.

- Chinese New Year, which I may or may not have posted about
- My mum's uncle visited and we ate our a couple of times. Here's a picture of what I ate one of those times.

- I entered Dotti style nation. And I posted a picture of my entry below, and if you like it then I think that you should go to  http://www.dotti.com.au/stylenation and vote for me. My entry is called 'Blueberries and Cream' and my name is NicoleS. :)

So that's all for now :) Probably gonna go read some magazines for my English...



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