Thursday, January 19, 2012

oh the pain


I named this post 'oh the pain' for no reason except to sound dramatic. And because I can't think of a better title, or even a slightly more relevant one. And because I went to the dentist today.

It was just a check-up, but you know..... dentist=pain, etc, etc.

annnnnndddddddd YAY no cavities.
Oh the relief...

And now my teeth feel weird. Like, I was used to my plaque-covered teeth, and now they're all clean and it doesn't feel right.
Oh well. If experience tells me anything, they'll only be this clean for a couple more days.

Which is actually quite sad.

Anyways, our dentist is at the shopping centre, so naturally we went shopping afterwards.
Bought a couple of magazines, some eyeliner, cleaner, bobby-pins, if anyone cares, which I realise they probably don't.

AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD saw a lion dance. I ACTUALLY LOVE LION DANCES. DON'T KNOW WHY. loooooooooool we like followed them round the whole shopping centre, and took heaps of photos, which I would show you except:

- they're on my mum's iPhone as i do not take my camera to the dentist
- i am unaware of this iPhone's whereabouts
- i am too lazy to ring it
- you have probably already see a lion dance sometime in your life
- if you haven't, you have not lived.


kindly ignore my face. BUT LOOK AT THOSE TEETH. /sighh I'm such a Ross.
 I'm just so patriotic. 

LOOOL spend one year going on about how great new york is, then buy an Australian flag top hat and suddenly I'm patriotic.

But you can't blame me for going on about new york, I mean, look.

Who wouldn't want to live in this place?

And also, I didn't say so before, but if you actually got that friends reference in the caption of me wearing the hat, I officially love you.

And if you thought of this when you saw it, I love you even more.

Anyway. I might or might not have mentioned that my brother's friend slept over last night, and o.m.g. you have never met two more annoying people in your entire life.

I would go on, but I would rather not relive that.

So school starts in 3 days, Tet tomorrow, Chinese new year lunch on Sunday.
Looks like my hermit days are over for good. Or at least until next holidays. Well, I'm probably going to Indonesia then. Then in the mid-year we'll probably get visitors...so it might actually be September...

...just trying to decide whether this is a good thing or not...

Goodbye for now,


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