Sunday, January 8, 2012

Princess Polly and Trucks

So I was debating with myself whether to do a friends post or a princess polly post, and since I'm in a really cbf mood right now, I decided to do the princess polly post. Not that I'm ever not in a cbf mood or anything.

Ooh. Princess Polly post. So great with the alliteration.

So these are some dresses I found on princess polly which I think are just <3

Yeahh... I only did dresses because I enjoy Internet shopping for dresses the most. And I would have put the names of the dresses on the pictures, but no. I think I mentioned that I'm in a really cbf mood.

Like seriously, lately I've been waking up at 9, looking at the time then remembering that I'm on holidays and going back to sleep till 1. Then waking up again, strolling around the house, going on facebook or blogging depending on how cbf I'm feeling, then watching friends, then stroll around the house some more, maybe watch Ellen, and I would continue but I think you get the gist.

And I'm not really sure if it's possible or not, but I think I may be getting even more addicted to friends. And this is a show which at some point, I watched 20 hours in a row with short breaks for food. LOL that was the first time I watched it. I woke up at 7 and slept at about 4.

Which was late for me at the time. These days that's my bedtime though.

OOH I ALSO LEARNT SOME STUFF ABOUT TRUCKS. And just FYI, truck road rules are complicated, so I wouldn't suggest learning them unless you're planning on becoming a truck driver. Or you're super bored like me, and decide that learning the road rules for trucks is a good way to procrastinate learning the road rules for the size vehicle which i actually plan to drive.

I could so be a truck driver.
Except did you know that there is a rule that every 6 or something hours you drive a truck for, you have to take a 15 minute break. Or something like that. And the first thing I thought when I read that was 'WOAH I COULDN'T SIT STILL FOR 6 HOURS'. Like seriously. 6 hours just sitting in a truck. With only some toxic chemicals to keep you company.

And I guess those rules also apply to bus drivers, and they can always talk to their passengers. Except in all honesty I think that if my bus driver tried to chat to me, I'd be annoyed. Although I will admit that I would much prefer to have a bus driver who tried to talk to me than one who yelled at me. Like that mean one the other day. I'M NOT HURTING ANYONE BY SITTING ON THE BAG RACK.

Actually...hmm.....there is a chance that I would prefer a bus driver who yelled. Because I know that being talked to by my bus driver would make me feel very weird.

LOOOOOL I went in to this post thinking 'yeahh, I'll just quickly post these pictures I saved off princess polly' and now apparently I have a lot to say about trucks. Enough to make me change the title of this post from just 'Princess Polly' to 'Princess Polly and Trucks'


Having a blog has made me realise how much I actually have to say about stuff.
And that I use the word 'actually' wayyy too often.
And I realise that I prefer blogging on days where I do nothing, because then it's just me and my thoughts. And when I do stuff, it's more of a recount. And I always go into these posts thinking absolutely nothing, then by the time I'm done I have this huge clump of text.
And more thoughts.

Hmmmmmm.....I wonder how many more thoughts I have.....


Chandler: Where you going Joe? *jumps out, makes Joey fall over*
Joey: Just going out for a walk, having some alone time with my thoughts.
Chandler: Thought..S?


Joey: I thought it would be good to live by myself, have some alone time with my thoughts, but as it turns out I don't have as may thoughts as you would think.

Just BTW, I wouldn't quote me on these. The wording's probably a bit wrong since I'm just remembering them. But the essence is the same.

Okay now I'm thinking about 'TOW no one's ready' and how Joey stole the cushions which Chandler says are the essence of the chair.

Seriously, I can friends quote anything.

But I need to post now because I'm hoping to have this post appear as posted on January 8th, and if I wait any longer it'll be past midnight.



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