Friday, January 13, 2012

Quad biking


So we just webt quad biking. LOOOL the quad bikes were like hugeee. Like tractors. Well. Maybe a bit smaller than tractors...

Anywaaaays. We had a briefing rhen went on the quads and drove round the bush and this sandy desert-looking place.

Loooool- naturally, i crashed into this tree before i got used to the bike. And my mum was right behind me, so she crashed into the back of my quad, then it went all domino and everyone behind us crashed. All because of me. XD

And there were actually two different types of quad bikes- the kid ones and the adult one for people sixteen years and over. Woo guess who turned sixteen last week :)

And my brother got stuck on the children's one, which was like tiny. Well, tinier.

Okay, so that was reeeals fun. THEN we went to watch the pelican feeding and learn about the pelicans, just cause we could.

And DID YOU KNOW that pelicans swallow their fish head first so the tails dont jab their organs?

Looolll the guy kept throwing food at the pelican but all these ither birds would jump infront of it and steal the food, and the pelican got so pissed and started attacking them XD
ohmygoshh so cutee <3

Anyway, we're going parasailing at twelve. Seriously freaking out right now coz appazles it's scary.


Byeee for now :)


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