Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sand tobagganning at Tangalooma

So im gonna make this quick coz im on my mums iphone.

Weeell. I didny blog uesterday because i was packing, etc, etc. ps. I apologise in advance for all the typos in this post.

Im on my mums iphone.

Okay, so this morning we caught a boat to tangalooma. LOL on the boat ride we watched this reaaaally weird show which i am not going to go into detail about roght now. Soooooo when we got to tangalooma we ate lunch, which was yummy. I had fried rice :B

THEN. We.... Hmmm.... Btdubs i have every intention of recapping all of these events in a later post when i get back and can include pictures and all that.

But anyways, after lunch we went and booked a desert tour and a dolphin feeding. Then we went on the desert tour.

Well, okay. I wouldnt really call it a tour, but thats what they called ot so eh. We basically just took this bus ride through this forest to this desert. Weird coz i disnt know there were deserts on islands but appazelzly so. LOL like my new word :)

so we got to the desert and had a brief briefing, then climbed up this massive sanddune. And when i say massive, i mean only 70m high. Or thats what the guy told us anyway. But it was like, straight up, and because it was all sand we kept sliding down, so it took a lot longer than it would seem. PLUS people infront of you would slide down onto you. Or just stop, thus forcing you to stop. OOOH I FORGOT TO MENTION . WE ALSO HAD TO TAKE THESE BIG BOARDS UP.

But yes. When we got up, everyone took turns tobogganning down.
When it was my turn, i lay down and...okay i may have forgotten to mention a couple of things.

a) it was face first
b) there was a sand storm every few minutes. Like, i had sunnies on but they only help so much.

So anyway, i lay down and all this sand blew in my face. THEN i had sand in my eye, and from then to now about three hours have passed and i still havent been able to get the sand out.

BUT ANYWAY. In conclusion, it was really fun. Like, you went down the slope really fast, and it was very enjoyable except for all of the sand-in-face incidents. Although they were a tad fun too. Coz we were all sandy by the end, and who doesnt enjoy being sandy?

Ooh. I mentioned before that we took a bus through the forest to get to the desert. Well, the ride was so fun yet also a tad scary. Because we were in the forest and on this mountain or whatever, but the road wasnt smooth or even flat. Like, there would be huge holes in the ground that the bus would fall into, and we swayed from sode ti side all the time...seriously it felt like one of those simulator rides. Although then you would look out the window and see this drop.

So anyways, tonight we're going dolphin feeding and maybe possibly watching horse races. Assuming i feel like it late at night. Seriously so excited to feed the dolphins. Seriously.

Oooooh and tomorrow we're going quad biking and pelican feeding and snorkling! And parasailing! Unless it's too windy like it was today.

It's actually so nice here. Like, the water is really blue and there are heaps of beaches and people and nice looking trees...I'll take photos to show y'all

But reeeeals excited about tomorrow.
And yeaaaah :)

That's all



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