Monday, January 2, 2012




guess what.

I'm sick.

LIKE WTFFFFFF MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 2 DAYS. although I'm hoping to be better by then because I have no intention of cancelling any plans.
And like, just today I think I've used up at least 3 boxes of tissues. LOL last night at midnight I opened a new box, then after three hours of constant nose-blowing I had to open another one. Which was annoying because I hate having to get out of bed once you're all comfy.

Also, screw my old new years resolution (except I do plan to blog everyday anyway). My NEW new years resolution is to eat healthier. Which includes adding fruit to my diet.

I do actually plan to keep this one, because I'm sick of getting sick all the time.

Okay now I just got super excited for my bday again. I BETTER BE BETTER BY THEN.

btdubs, what is up with the repetition of words on this post???? new new years resolution, sick of getting sick, better be better, fhdgiyoarnyrtysghjfghsfghsnp

Anyway, so excited.

OH YES. yesterday I mentioned that I received these silk clothes from my mum, and I thought I'd better show some pictures.

btw not gonna rotate any of them coz i cbf. just tilt your head 90 degrees to the right for the first three.

okay this one's actually a vest.
 I think they're Indonesian or Chinese or something...

I also ran into this on facebook, and thought you might enjoy it.

And seeing as I actually haven't left the house since my beach trip, I have nothing more to blog about !

Might blog later today though...as the life of a hermit is quite boring.




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