Friday, January 13, 2012


Hiiiiii againnnnnnnn!

I think i mentioned in my last post that i was gonna go snorkling, and that i did.

That. I. Did. XD

So me, my mum, my brother and my mum's friend's family went out to these sunken ship wrecks with this group of people and this guide. And some of the wrecks were protruding out the water, so naturally i photoed them. As photoed is now a word. To save me the trouble of saying 'took a photo of' :)

Anyways, we went out and got in these suuper tight wetsuits, which i actually couldnt even bend down in. And these flippers, so i couldnt walk. So in other words i was practically immobile. LOOOOOL jstkddng. Immobile may be a slight exaggeration, since o got there fine XD

Woah nicole so funny.


We snorkled out into the wrecks and looked at all the colourful fishies and breathed in some salt water...ahhh..... LOL realised that i been saying 'ahh' a lot lately. Hmmm.
Okay then.

But seriously it was really cool. Although we left our waterproof camera on the beach, so i couldnt take any photos underwater, but i got good pnes of the wrecks and me dying in my snorkling gear :D

Lool the guide was like ' dont touch the wrecks!' but i touched them -evil grin-. Well okay i didnt actually touch them on purpose. Because the current just kinda drifted me towards them, and at one point i was directly ontop of this wreck that was only like, thirty centimeters deep, and how can you not touch that?

But chyaaaaaah. Was suuuuper cool and pretty <3

AND WE SAW A DUGONG. Well not the whole dugong - just it's head. And i actually managed to get a photo of it because we saw it while we were in the boat and it came up for air next to us. And my photo looks more like a splash of water because i was a tad slow getting my camera out, but I SAW A DUGONG. XD

And yeeeah so then we came back to land and all was cool.

THEN. For dinner tonight we all went out for a barbecue, which is weird because that's actually what i had for lunch. And i hardly ever have bbqs. But i like them, so all its all good.

And yaah :)
Tomorrow appaz we have this whole lineup of sports such as croquet and archery and others which i cant think of.

Gonna be fun XD


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