Saturday, January 21, 2012



As you probably guessed when you read the title of this post, I went to Tet. But yeah...I'll get to that.

I went to the doctors, then went home and did nothing while I waited for my mum to get home THEN I went to Diem's!

Was great fun :) when I got there we bummed around for a bit then went shopping. And will you look at all the stuff I bought.

button-down shirt from supre.
pencil skirt from dotti

shorts from ally. which are not actually that pink, they're a lot darker.

two necklaces from diva :)
  After shopping we went to Tet!
It was actually really fun, even though we walked around the whole place like, 20 times because Diem didn't want to do go on any rides or anything while it was still light for fear of being seen. Which I don't quite get.
Good exercise though. ALTHOUGH we bought food to eat while we walked round, so it kind of balanced out.

Anyway, eventually we went on the hurricane, and just a tip for anyone who may go on it in the future: SIT ON THE OUTSIDE, OR YOU WILL GET SUCKED INTO THAT LITTLE HOLE BETWEEN THE SEATS, AND GETTING SUCKED INTO THAT LITTLE WHOLE HURTS. A LOT.

Now need I explain what happened to me?

Then the avalanche, and while at the top we spotted the lion dance so we saw that next.

And if you've ever read my blog, you'll know that i looove lion dances.

Then we bought crepes, which were super yummy except like, |______________this________________| messy, assuming the messiness of crepes can be measured in distances.

fireworks and pro photography
 Then yes, went back to Diem's.

And once we got there, messed around with the photography option on my camera.

wooow I'm like a ghost!
Then we did photo shoots, etc, etc. I would post the pictures here, except this is no longer the place I post photos. Go to my other blog. Link at the top of the page. And comment and follow while you're at it. :)

Here's one though.

Thinking of entering this one into Dotti style nation next month. Unless something better pops up.

Now here are some other photos from our shoot.

And today I went home :)

Now, because I am cbf-ing right now, here is a summary of today in very few words:
- went home from Diem's
- met this tutor
- wet driving
- ate
- blogged

that's all :)



Okay I understand that my name and age and everything are all over my blog, but I just felt that it would be wise to smudge all the details :)


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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the shorts are actually maroon/burgundy-ish


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