Sunday, January 22, 2012



I realise that most of the time when people separate the syllables of a word, like I did in the title, it's to create some sort of pun, but no. I only do it to emphasise. Well not only, but in this case, yes. ALTHOUGH if this was a post about Moro bars, I could totally do this.

Why I choose to start my posts off with stuff like that, don't even bother asking. I didn't even do nothing today.

Anyway, tomorrow is Chinese New Year and I, being the totally and completely 50% Asian person I am, went out with the fambam and ate Chinese food.
AND saw another lion dance, this time with the added bonus of a dragon dance and karate people. AHAHAH 3rd time this week. <333333333333 but gonna go deaf soon if I keep listening to them. Seriously, my ears are still ringing.

the restaurant ceiling, which I determined interesting enough to take a picture of

Yes, I realise that I was probably blinking when this photo was taken, but it's the only one I have of the fam, and I like my hair in it, even though you could probably argue that it looks normal

Casually fiddling round with the fireworks setting on my camera

that big dragon in the middle of the shopping centre

I also did some shopping, spent almost all of my red pocket money. But I got some nice stuff out of it :) And by stuff, I mean clothes, which I would show you pictures of but I've hung them up already, and I'm lazy.

You know, in retrospect I realise that I probably should have named this post 'Chinese New Year' or something along those lines. And I know that it isn't too late to go and change the title, except I made such a big deal about it at the start of this post...so yeahhh.....

But school IS starting tomorrow, and I have very mixed feelings about that. Like, on one hand I'm excited because I quite like school and I'm really curious about what classes I'm in, I get to see my friends again, etc, etc, but I'm also kind of stressed slash depressed because it's year 11, and also because I'm really starting to warm up to my hermit ways.

And just because I know you're very interested, I cleaned my room. I know right. Shock gasp. Let's see how long this lasts.
AND I stopped hanging my skirts, because I ran out of both closet space and coat hangers.

And now I realise that it's 9:34 and I have school tomorrow. Sighhs been so long since I said that last...

So byeee for now,


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