Monday, January 23, 2012

Year Eleven

HI THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our first day of year eleven, and I'm not gonna lie to you; It was pretty cool.

Everything was so chill and like, I really like almost all of my classes :) And by that, I mean I really like all the people in my classes, and I know people in all of them XD

I would list the people, but:
a) I don't want to
b) I really don't need a second reason.

ALTHOUGH, as great as the people in my classes were, some of my teachers were a bit iffy. Well, they weren't that bad but I didn't get any of the teachers I really wanted, which sucks a tad bit.

And remember new year, when I said I was gonna eat more fruit? Then remember a few days later when I said how much I was failing?
Yeah, well I decided to scrap that. (unless I already did, my memory is just going downhill these days. I must be getting old.)

My NEW new years resolution is to study for at least half an hour a day. This is more achievable, but I wouldn't count on it.

LOOOOL I wonder- if you keep making new new years resolutions all through the year, are they still new years resolutions? or just resolutions? OR REVOLUTIONS???

Number 3 sounds about right.
these are all extremely sudden and complete changes. Extremely.

Anyway, 2 months on holiday really makes you forget everything. And I'm not kidding when I say everything. Today in maths I couldn't even remember how to spell simultaneous.

I know what you're thinking. Simultaneous is a pretty darn tough word to spell. BUT I USED TO BE ABLE TO. AND THIS IS FRUSTRATING. DSOFBSDAGSDJFGNSDFMSONOB.

Good thing is, I can spell it now. I know right. Cheers for me.

So in English today, our teacher says 'so when you get home, flick through some old magazines and find some advertisements to use for your essay, and that can be your study for the night!' (I would not quote me on this).
And I know that the study part of that was probably a joke, but it is in my best interest to take it very seriously.
Because, for all I know, I was studying all holidays. :)

So I just reread what I just typed just then and I didn't understand it much, but eh. You might.

So I'm gonna go watch friends now, which probably defeats my whole magazine study story, BUT I WANT TO WATCH FRIENDS NOW, SO I'M GONNA.



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