Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 16th Diem!


Start bracing yourself for a short post...

Okay. So happy birthday diemmmmmmmm! Have an amazeballs time being 16 :)

I realise that the post could totally end right here...but I'm not that weird. Posts have to be at least 10 lines long, according to the guidelines I thought up just then.

This morning:
Okay, so I got like two hours of sleep last night, but that's totally unrelated. ANYWAYS i totally made the early train this morning, then the station decided to have a power outage.
IN CONCLUSION we stopped for like 10 minutes at every station, which actually adds up to quite a lot when there are a lot of stations. And we couldn't get off at our station, so we had to get out earlier.....then walk to school..............................it wasn't so great. Especially coz it was uphill and we were rushing because we didn't wanna miss Diem's birthday cake. Cake was really good though. Thanks Sonjesh.

Okay so I really, really, cbf writing anymore.
My life the past few days can pretty much be summarized in one word anyway.


I might have included a picture of Louis in my last post, but upon further thought, I have decided that one picture is most definitely not enough. So please enjoy some more. I made them small because it makes me fell less like a stalker.

That's all :)

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