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Today was our Mackay House Party !

Now, for those of you who don't go to my school, here are some things you should probably know:

- Mackay is the white house
- Every year for the house party, people dress up in all white coloured (and sometimes black or silver...any shade really) clothes
- It's a great house. We may lose all of the races and stuff, but we're still happy chappy.

So me, Diem and Sonja were super creative and came as ghosts. LOOOL pretty much a copy of Sonja's Halloween costume. Oh so creative.
But it was actually really cool, because in my mind, no one knew who I was and I could therefore dance like a crazy person without caring much. And sing. Well, more like shout, but I'm going to call it sing for the purposes of this blog.

I'm the middle one.XD

 Oh yes, I should have been more specific before- we came as mobster ghost. As in, ghosts that died during some kind of mob war, and that was our explanation for the hats.
The real reason we wore them shall never be know :) BAHAHAHAHAAAHAH although I should probably say that without them, the sheet pretty much fell straight off our heads.

Sabi, coz she preets kewl

And each house group had to do these skits- LOOOOOL. Our year did ours to Shakira's Africa song. LOL never actually learnt the name of it... And whenever we would practise in class, half the people wouldn't dance, because the dance moves were ridiculously complicated, and half the song was in African.
Just a side note- we watched this dance class thing dance to it on YouTube, and they were all female except for this one really tall, skinny guy at the back with these huuuuge pants. AHAHAHAHAH AND HE WAS LIKE DOING ALL THE MOVES ALL FUNNILY. OMG IT WAS SO FUNNY. a bit like napoleon dynamite...
Anyways...so basically we just got up there and no one knew it, so we just did freestyle for the whole song. I actually felt embarrassed for all of the people who didn't have a big sheet covering their face.

So I obviously don't have a picture of our dance, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't show you, but here are some pictures of the other grades...

Year 12s
Year 8s. With Thanh as the front person.

Now I hope you're ready for a photo spam, because HERE IT ISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

the mummy game, wit sabi featuring as our mummy, and Diem featuring as a photo bomber


Miss Mackay comp. The cloud on the far left one.

 And yes, in conclusion, fun, fun, fun.

Mackay rules all.

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