Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Only the cool kids go twice

Hello all.

I apologise for having abandoned you over the past few days...but had a lot of non-blog related procrastination to get through.
Although I do realise that my blog posts are basically me procrastinating, and therefore causing you to procrastinate, if that makes sense, which I know it doesn't.

So by 'only the cool kids go twice', I mean go to dreamworld twice. Normally I would have just titled the post 'dreamworld' BUT apparently, I already have a post with that title.

Other title ideas included 'dreamworld 2' and 'DW be happy'

>>>>>PUN MASTERER<<<<<

On Sunday, I went to dreamworld with Diem and Sonja, and it was fun :)
See, normally I would describe it in more detail then that, except:
a) this is a bit of a rush post seeing as I have a pile of homework that is not getting any done-er
b) the pictures speak for themselves. Well, the captions speak for them, but you get my point.

Oh the maths department would be proud...

so I deproved. what of it.

spot the 'i <3 bs' shirt

So I turn to Diem and go-"I'm not going on this ride if it goes upside down"
And she turns back to me and goes- "It's not upside down, you're feet are still below your head"
I take a photo.

LOLLY SHOP <333333333
So that was fun forreals.

Here's an incredibly scary, and might I add true, story.
So today we had a fire drill, and I was just casually walking to the roll-taking-place, when Sonja notices that there was a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE lizard on the tree like, right in front of me. Which I almost walked into.
omg it was almost as scary as that time the lizards chased me through the parklands.
Or that time I got attacked by the ibises.


BTW, I should probably mention that this post ts taking forever to write because my computer keeps randomly shutting down for no apparent reason. Seriously, it's happened like, three times already.

Today was cool too. Went shopping after school with Alice, bought a shirt, couple of belts, etc.
Would attach photos, but camera upstairs, etc, etc.

My assignment pile is growing too. Depressingly fast.

This is actually me when I think about it.

No joke.

So that's all for now...
See y'all later.



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