Saturday, February 4, 2012

Piano Shopping

Hello all.
How has your day been?
Well, this must be some sort of psychic universe because ME TOO!

Oh my gosh, I may have just reached the highest level of sucking there is, but it's actually quite nice up here.
Come join me, won't you.

Okay, so apparently I could get higher.

So had tutor this morning, but that ain't interesting.

THEN we went piano shopping!
LOL that sounds almost as funny as dishwasher shopping :B But it was more interesting then dishwasher shopping because:

a) pianos>dishwashers
b) As I am the only piano player in the house, it is easier to claim as my own than a dishwasher is

Anyways, we ended up buying a Kawaii K6 :D

Was pumped to take it home but APPARENTLY we couldn't take it today, because pianos don't fit in cars.

 Now THAT is what I call professional photography. That is, apart from that big light thing in that middle.

Then this afternoon I had tennis. LOL it's been like three months since I  played last and I sucked so much at the start that the girl I was playing was probably thinking 'wtf how did this person make this division'. I could defos tell.

I don't know why crying was the only verb I could think of for the end of that sentence. Seriously I try to think of another one and 'walking' and 'running' are the only ones that come to mind.

Okay, so in summary:
- tutor
- piano
- tennis

And one more thing.
You may or may not know, but I have a list of most awesome celebrities ever, and just a few hours ago I decided to add this guy to the list.

looooooooool chose a normal picture so we can see who REALLY knows who he is XD



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