Friday, February 17, 2012

radar guns and all that jazz


[just FYI- this is the new cool kids greeting, hopefully you'll catch on soon enough]

I realise that yesterday's post wasn't particularly descriptive, so I'll update you now, but I'm quite sleepy so if this post ends abruptly, I've probably decided that I cbf and have gone to bed mid-sentence.

Kinda reminds me of that time Sonja wrote half of her title then got sucked into a conversation, and came back to a page entitled 'Hybrid Fun'.
Although compared to this chemistry thing, they do seem quite fun.

Yesterday, had IYPT in the morning. I honestly do not know how I'm going to get this and my assignments completed on time, but you know- Fingers crossed in the good luck way.\

And I know you're just waiting for a picture.

I also know you're all just staring at that disgusting brown thing in the corner, and I'll be honest- I don't know what it is either.
LOOOL decided to use soap instead of water to see if a viscous solution would have a greater surface tension, and pretty much all I achieved was soapy tables and wasted soap.

wuz sew gr8.

Today in physics it was so funny- we all went out on the street with a radar gun to measure the speeds that the cars going past were travelling at and LOOOOOL. Like, our whole class was just standing on the side of the road and we would take turns just aiming the gun at passing cars :B
The people going past were like wtf at us too. AHAHAHAHA ESPECIALLY THIS ONE GUY..... it was a you-had-to-be-there moment.
Physics is actually do fun <33333

PS. we caught one car speeding :)

Usually I would have my daily chemistry rant last in the post, except I've decided to promote it to second last, since it's become such a big part of my life now.
So my chem is just not looking good. Not even kidding when I say that my draft is due on Monday, I have 0 free time this weekend, and I have not even opened a document to start it yet.
It's just become so difficult! looooool sent my teacher an email to try get out of having to write all the new equations, and until he replies I have a valid reason to not be starting.

And Finally-->Two Words- COUGAR. TOWN.


i love it so much. Like, it's about to be promoted to second favourite show, I'm very sorry gossip girl. Sucks no one else I know watches it so I can't chat to them about it :(
It's actually been on hiatus since I started watching it- like, a year. And it's such a great show.
Now since no one watches it, I don't are about spoiling. Grayson proposed!!
omg it was the nicest thing ever. Here's a picture.



i love TV :)


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