Saturday, February 11, 2012

sleep deprived


Okay, so normally I get hardly any sleep during the week, then I sleep all weekend. BUT then I started tutor on Saturday mornings, and BOOM. No sleep.


And I didn't even get to study or anything. Because I had tutor in the morning, which I guess you could call studying but I won't. Then I went to play tennis with my brother at the place which we usually rent out but our tenants left, coz apparently he's entering some tennis thing or whatever. THEN I had super league, which I totally brought my Chinese to and did manage to achieve something...
Well that just ruined my whole point.

 At tennis, I was playing against this girl (who I totally beat btw, and was like super proud afterwards coz she was really good), but her partner never turned up. And she played all of her games and everything and STILL had no partner, so my coach called someone to replace them. And LOOOL like, 5 minutes later this man who looked about 30 came and was like- 'Hi, I'm the replacement!'. I'm very sure he used those words, too.
And he hat everything like, 15456368179265714793 km/h. That's just a rough estimate though. I am also assuming that hat is the past tense of hit.
So anyways, I lost miserably, although I did get to deuce in one game... /pride
And later I found out that he was actually only there so that we would have someone to play against so we wouldn't just be sitting around waiting for someone who probably wasn't going to turn up, and that our scores against him didn't count.

THEN we went out for dinner at this Indonesian restaurant because my mum's cousin is here from Japan. And it was actually the funniest thing ever, because the restaurant was average sized, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say that we knew almost everyone in there. Like, first, on the table to the right of us was my friend Jessica and her family, and on the other side was my friend Lani and her family, then the people who were waiting our tables were my friend Jessalyn and her brother, then my mum's friend came in with her family who I kind of know coz they go to my school, then my mum's other friend came in (the one who's daughter does tutor with me), then the lady who my mum used to order food from came in... Not even kidding, these were all separate groups. And like, everyone in the restaurant knew each other as well, and everyone was like walking round chatting to people from other tables and stuff...

Was hilarious, although it took aggggges to get out because everyone kept chatting, in Indonesian of course, meaning they they took a very long time to finish their meals.

Look closely and you'll realize what is making me feel better about my English
This is what happens when everyone refuses to take a photo of the group because they all want to be in it. Thank God for mirrors.

This is what they call a homogeneous solution. If you ignore those floaty green bits. 
oh just look at the heterogeneous-ness

Now here are a few more little facts that I thought I'd share with y'all:

- I am totally smashing my maths b assignment. in the hip way, that is. AKA I've figured out question 5.
- My southern accent is improving. According to myself.
- Sonja's party next week
- It's raining. I love rain unless I have to walk through it.
- I just abandoned internet explorer for Google chrome. I'm sorry internet explorer, but there are only a certain number of random internet shutdowns I can take.

And that is all for now :)
Hope to be doing nothing tomorrow,

Goodnight :)

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