Sunday, February 26, 2012

Swimming carnival

Hihi :)

I realise that I've been abandoning you a bit lately, but eh. I got assignments which I need to procrastinate.

I also realise that the amount of text that I've been including with each post has been decreasing, but you're just gonna have to deal with that :)

So on Friday our school had its swimming carnival XD Did some swimming, had a great time.



I basically just went there, got dressed up and sat all day, taking occasional walks around the venue because the stands were quite boring.
I'm very sure Mackay lost...which I don't actually find that bad. Like, I think I'd rather lose than come fifth or something like we usually come. Last is more memorable.
Not that we aren't memorable, i mean- we're the white house. How can a house who's colour is a shade NOT be memorable?

So Diem, Sonja and I dressed up as Mackay superheroes and basically went round taking photos and saving people from the boredom that comes from not seeing interesting costumes.
LOOOOL i realise how weird that sounds. There were some other interesting costumes not really. But there were.

Okay it's like 1am- I'm waiting for my one direction videos to download, which is pretty much the only reason I'm blogging right now.

Now THAT'S called dedication.

And while I'm on the topic of one direction... Basically, I discovered them yesterday. By discovered I mean became obsessed with. Not discovering their existence. My hole isn't THAT deep.

Louis Tomlinson is actually....fnekg;wepjrvg0wetgphprtnvijntejerhtpt <33333

I don't think <33333 emphasized my point enough, so here's more.


okay I'm good :)

But seriously.
If Matthew Perry doesn't get back on twitter soon, Louis is going to overtake him. 
He already has. Sorry Matthew Perry.

ANNNNDDDDD....here are my swimming carnival photos :)


we had this idea to go round photo bombing...

it takes a couple of cool kids to decide to pose for photos with inanimate objects

i'm a super hero forreals

like, legit.

just because the mask is off does not make me any less powerful. The cape's still on.

The extent of my Pilates abilities

this is actually the funniest thing i've seen in my whole life.

thank-you, thank-you.

see y'all tomorrow. or...later today. it's like 1:30 already. Unless I don't decide to blog because all I'll be doing is studying. #pumped



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