Monday, February 13, 2012



In case you haven't noticed, this post has no title. Well, unless you count the word 'titleless' as a title.

So basically absolutely nothing has happened since my last non-photo-challenge post.
Okay, that's not technically true- lots of stuff has happened, just nothing that anyone who has a life would be interested in hearing about.

My stack of assignments is actually growing at a rate so fast, it makes those 96141224487661532km/h shots that I mentioned the guy was hitting in my last post look slow.
Like, sloth slow.

Sloths are actually really cute.

LOOOL while on the topic of sloths, saw something the other day which was just too funny for anyone to not watch.

Go watch it. Not kiddin' around y'all.

So anyway, in conclusion I have a lot of assignments. Maths B, Chemistry, English. Three. Fourth week. F.M.L.

And I really don't want to go and work on them, so I'm blogging. 

Okay, I've been thinking, and if anyone reading this is creating a school of some sort, here's a couple of suggestions:
- No assessment. 
- Friends watching class. I don't even mind if this one's assessed.

One more thing: I hate tax. Bad enough that we have to pay it, but then they make us calculate it. sdfdbaksdfjgiaefsaefjogwaglfjvsjdfhgswergwerfgwkergjwerwgjwrtgw SO EVVVVVVVIL.

So tomorrow's valentine's day. Pretty much the same as every other day, except for the dressing up and the bake stall at school. 
Sonja's party on the weekend :)

No title, no ending remark- that's how the cool kids do it. And no, this doesn't count as one.


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