Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Typical Wednesday in the Life of Me


my day in a nutshell or two:

- woke up
Do I really need to say any more? Well, no. But I will anyway, coz I'm totally cool like that.
Recently I've been waking up super dooper early. If you need proof, please refer back to that time I said before. - five. fifty. a. m.
that's not cool. not cool at all.
Not even kidding, I was actually like a walking, talking dead person all day, just going from class to class and falling asleep in double chemistry.
And see, I don't have any plans to sleep earlier or anything, so it looks like I'll be buying tea everyday for a while now.
The only flaw in my plan is that they don't let you drink in the science rooms, and it just so happens that a third of my subjects are science, and they may just be the classes where I need caffeine the most.

- went to orchestra
AHAHAHAHAHAH I'M IN VIVALDI THIS YEAR!...which you already know seeing as I wet to music camp and have probably mentioned it numerous times already, due to my proudness, which is actually like, a lot. like |________________________this_______________________| much. Not even kidding.

- went to class
I am aware I have already said this, but I had double chemistry today. It just had to be said again.
Actually, chemistry's getting better ever since we moved off those laws which I still don't quite understand. 
OOOOH and Sabi came back from Pakistan today, which is always good.

- took train home
I don't know how I could possibly elaborate on this point, so I won't.
Did some Chinese study on the train though, if that's the sort of thing you're interested in- although if you are, I find that quite sad. Depressing, even.

- went to piano lesson
So basically, I was meant to do m CMUS exam last November, but I sucked too much so now I'm doing it at the end of this term. Which I am totally and completely 100% not ready for.
And apparently now I have to make this program for my exam performance, which involves me making a well designed and aesthetically pleasing front cover (LOL notice my fancy talk. it was like, professional). And if you know anything about me, then you should know that I am one of the least create people you've ever met in your whole life. Seriously, my front cover is actually probably just going to end up being a picture of a piano with my name on it.

- ate dinner
I ate a burger with bread and lettuce and meat and carrot and tomato sauce and egg. And I drank water. And there was a Julia Gillard speech on the TV while I was eating, and she was talking about something to do with job or something like that. Her voice annoys me so I don't really listen.

- blogged
Was great.

And that was my day in a nutshell.
If you are still reading, you probably have way too much free time.

Good day.



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