Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dear blog readers,

I have a great story for you.

Earlier today, I was casually procrastinating doing my maths c assignment, when I decided to do some research on one direction's books, because I'm just a bit obsessive like that.

After approximately a while of book researching and stalking, I decided that I should probably start on my assignment. After this decision, I made another one: that I really should clean my desk, because it hadn't been cleaned in a few years, and it was getting a little bit dusty.

So I was cleaning my desk when suddenly, out of nowhere, I ran into a $50 book voucher WHICH JUST HAPPENED TO EXPIRE TOMORROW.

I was utterly shocked! Out of all the days which I could have chosen to find them, I chose the day before they expired, directly after my one direction stalking!

Following the events of the voucher-finding, I promptly ordered $50 worth of one direction books.

It was an impulse, but I regret nothing.

Yours sincerely,


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