Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holidays, Finally


Wellllll...I'm on holidays! This term actually went by reeeeeeally quickly. Like, I remember stressing about starting year 11 and it actually feels like it was only about a week ago.
Anyways, holidays mean that I get about double my usual amount of sleep per night, which is super dooper fabutastic.

So a lot has happened since my last update, like cross country last Thursday. Here's a tip:

If you don't want sore legs the next day, walk the whole thing at a leisurely pace.

It works, you should try it some time.

I'm actually quite concerned about the fact that it looks like I'm having too much fun. My teeth look straight though, which is always a plus.
I don't know who this is, but Yen's photography is ridiculously good, so I had to include it.
So that was Thursday...

Yesterday was the last day of school...


AND....today I had a piano workshop! It was by Mark Gasser. It was only like, ten people and he played a bit and gave advice and was like ndlansdgfolsdfkgenfgos pro, ndlansdgfolsdfkgenfgos in this context meaning ridiculously.

And guess what? After the workshop, I liked the look of the book he was using so I asked the person at the shop if they stocked it, and they gave it to me for free. FOR FREE, I TELL YOU. Ahh I love free stuff...

Anyway, onto more serious issues. I created another tumblr. It's a joint one and it's all FRIENDS related, I'll link you.


So I don't really need to say anything else because I know that you've just left this page to click on the link.




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