Monday, March 12, 2012


Hilo hilo hilo!

If you got the big bang theory reference, I'll love you forevs.

And if you got my friends reference from that last sentence, omfg you're like my life now.

I am of course kidding- Nothing can take that away from Louis.

And if you don't know who Louis is, you should just leave. Like, not even kidding. Go. Shoo. We don't want you here. :)

ANYWAY. Guess who's interim report came?

MINE JAJAAJJAAJAJAJAJAJJAJAAJAJ woah y'all almost just got fooled.

And guess what? I actually did well.
All of that stress for nothing.

Interestingly, the subject that I did worst at was Maths B. I say interestingly, because I actually think I pay the most attention in that class.

Okay, gottttta go now. There's an IYPT problem that's not getting any done-er.


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