Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stand down

Hi ho, bloggerso! XD

It's been a while.....

So basically, last week was stand down, which was good in that i felt super pro coming to school at 9 and sitting in the tuckshop eating lunch at 10, but was sad coz of all the tests.
You know what would be cool? If they decided that we didn't need to do any tests, but gave us stand down anyway.


I will now list what happened on each stand down day, without comments or anything coz it's a tad bit depressing,

English speech due in the morning
Maths B exam
Chinese reading test
Chinese speaking test

Chemistry test

English Oral

Maths C exam
Violin lesson & performance

Also, on the Friday before that, we had IYPT, which I may have mentioned in a few posts, but not since Friday. So basically, we went, we went to the bathroom, we presented, we ate, we freaked out, we went to the bathroom, we presented, we went to the bathroom, we ate, we freaked out, we went to the bathroom, we presented, we ate, we heard the results. Normally, I wouldn't include 'we went to the bathroom', except I decided that some emphasis was needed to be placed on the number of times we actually went. And also, I enjoy filling your minds with irrelevant information.

So we came fifth. ALTHOUGH, WE WERE THE ONLY YEAR 11 TEAM. i.e. every other team was either fully year 12, or only had like one year 11 person in it. 

ANYWAYSSSSSSSSS. I have a physics test on Monday!!!!!!!! Get excited!!!!!!!! *FIST PUMPS*


I didn't even have to go to school yesterday, and all I did was sleep and catch up on TV shows that I missed while studying. Kidding. Missed while being yelled at to stop watching TV. 
And today? I've done nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nought. Nut-ting. Zero. 
Publishing this post when I do will probably be the most productive part of my day. 
See, after a week of having everything right after each other, the fact that it's two days till Physics seems like a looot. 


And I've watched like, 48532156732 episodes of friends. I've started friends-watching myself to sleep again. Sounds weird, but it works. Because like, I know it so well that I don't really need to watch to get the story line. So I could lie there with my eyes closed and still follow it. 
Don't judge, it's effective. 
And I did some calculations yesterday and figured out that I've watched each episode about 15 times each. And that's not including commentary. Like, obviously I haven't watched every episode 15 times. There are some I've watched about 7 times and others I've watched about 50. 15 is the mean. Although the standard deviation is very high. 

i apologise if you learnt something from that. my blog is not about learning. 
Just hoped you realised that. 

Although if you must, I've included this nice image I found. I've seen it before and you might have too, but eh. I don't care. Suck it up. Paint the town red. Tell your story walking. All from Ross. XD


And......that's all!



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