Sunday, April 1, 2012

1D Rally and Suitcase Rummage



So basically, 222 directioners (including me and Diem) gathered in the Suncorp Piazza and just sang songs, made videos, etc, etc. And it was great fun. So I feel like I needa explain more.....except I've basically covered everything already...

Okay I'll just explain it again then using different words. 222 directioners gathered at Southbank and while there we sang songs as a group, made videos, ate lunch, and did things like that. Everyone else also went to B105 but Diem and I left early to go to suitcase rummage, which I'll explain later...

AFTER THAT, we went to suitcase rummage. We were gonna go with Meera, but yeah... she couldn't come. LOL just thought I'd share that with you.
So we bought stuff. THEN we went shopping again and I bought this fabutastic blue coat from forever new. Ill post it sometime on my fashion blog...which I realise I haven't posted on in like 8415348643 years.
Oh yeah from suitcase rummage I bought this shirt slash kimono, this crochet-y shirt, this hair bow clip thing, and this blue skirt. And spent $14, which I thought was pretty (Y).

And after that we went to sticky photos, which I realise I haven't done in aggggggggges. And we have appeared to have gotten better at posing for the photos, which is strange. Although our editing skills are pretty dodge...

Okay so I have a story for you that is packed full of hilariousnosity.
This morning, I was getting ready when I checked my phone and saw that I had heaps of missed calls from Diem and a few texts that were like 'I NEED YOUR HELP' or 'I NEED TO TALK TO YOU'...I can't actually remember exactly what they said but you get the gist. Anyway, so I rang her back and she was like 'I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM' then I was like 'whaaaat' then she was like 'I JUST REALISED THAT I'm GOING TO GO TO KIM AND YEN'S HOUSE AFTERWARDS AND I WORE THE DRESS THAT I WAS GOING TO WEAR TODAY AT CHURCH IN FRONT OF THEM YESTERDAY!'

LOL such a big problem, Diem. Except it's kinda sad coz I realise that I probably would've reacted the same way.

And I also had the weirdest dream yesterday. So it was at school, which for some reason had all of these waterslides in it (?) and there was a biology test going on. I don't do biology, but for some reason I decided that I wanted to do the test, so I walked in and did it. Then afterwards I decided I didn't like biology but I'd done the test which apparently had locked me into the course or something. Then I went on a mission to quit biology, and I don't think that I ever succeeded.

Just had to share that with y'all.

Remember I think last post I linked you to my new tumblr which is friends themed? (www.centralperked.tumblr.com)
Well I've been spending a lot of time on that, and because of that, from now on, you'll probably see a few friends related photos at the end of my posts because they're great. And by a few I actually mean loads and loads, almost all of which are taken directly off of my tumblr.

friends before friends.
friends before friends

just BING.
ehehh look what I made XD


That's all. New piano tomorrow, get excited!



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