Sunday, April 29, 2012

8 weeks


I did not post yesterday, so I must compensate by posting twice today :) yep, yep, that should work.

I admit, I may have just stolen the title of this post from the title of Diem's HOWEVER my 8 weeks is a count down to the semi, not the end of term like hers was. They really are a countdown to the same thing though...

Yesterday it was really freezing and rainy, so my tennis was cancelled. Which, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty glad about because I'm really not in a tennis playing mood right now, and it gave me more time to browse through tumblr and not do my homework. LOL I actually accomplish more at tennis while waiting for my partner's games to finish than I do at home, because there's really nothing else to do there except eat. But eat I do. EAT I DO BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH.

That evil laugh served no purpose.


okay just took a lunch break.

brb again.

Anyways, basically yesterday consisted of me going to get my semi dress hemmed. PS my mum totally booked my hair and make up :B
But yeah then the person was like 'but if I bring the back in then the bow won't fit anymore' so then we ran round trying to find a ribbon the exact same colour.

THEN yeah we went back and yes yes.
I realise that i haven't posted a picture of my dress yet so heeeere it is.

the back's really saggy in this picture because it's about 10cm too big

But yeah.
Okay gtg now.




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