Friday, April 20, 2012



It's been...four days since I last posted. Dedication right there.

Very little has happened- I started school again, etc, etc, that sort of thing. The only really interesting thing that happened is that yesterday I went to see Delta Goodrem perform at Garden City. Here's a picture.

Okay, so I took the pictures/videos on my phone and didn't know how to connect it to the computer, so you'll just have to live with this photo-of-a-photo.

great quality

She also did a signing, but there was like, 754543473 billion people there, and I'm not desperate to meet her, so I just went semi dress shopping instead :)

Anddddd...I bought one, finally! I also got these two other dresses and this sweater, and I'll take pics of them later...
Well. I did a photo-shoot with myself today and took a picture of one of the dresses that I got.

View the rest of that shoot here.

Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I also did two other outfits. I haven't posted one of them yet, but here's the other one.

As you can probably tell, my posing is just way up there.

And I have nothing more to say for now.



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