Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friends marathon at Diem's


Last night, I slept over at Diem's and we had a friends marathon, ate 751354312 bags of chips slash lollies, did masks,  had photo-shoots....and I'm very sure that there was something else...

Anyway, it was great fun. loooool we must have gotten through about...at least 12 episodes. Which is about 4 hours....hmm..maybe more episodes than that actually.

It was actually really sad coz Steph (Thanh's friend who is apparently very addicted to friends) was gonna come but then at the last minute she couldn't DX
See, I need to find someone who is as obsessed with that show as I am.

Okay now is actually a pretty good time to show you pictures of my new room. Well, it's the exact same room with a few more posters up to make it more friends-themed.

You know what that's called?

So you would not believe what just happened to me. I just casually went to get a drink while those photos were loading, AND THERE WAS A FLY IN MY DRINK. And yeah, I saw it, but WHAT IF I HADN'T???

Okay back to what I did at Diem's.
We did a photo-shoot. I'll probably blog about it on my other blog either later today or tomorrow, but I'll upload a few pictures that we took here.

my attempt at pro photography

Diem's attempt at pro photography

And we also did face-masks. The pictures will explain all.

Then this morning I went home :)

My birthday party is tomorrow (LOL my birthday was about 3 months ago XD, but anyways.....), and me and my brother put down the table tennis table so we can play at my party tomorrow. THEN we played for ages.

Okay, that's all.



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