Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday!

Hello hello, long time no possssst!

So, in the last few days.....a reasonable amount of stuff has happened...not too much of which I can remember...

Anyway, I got a new piano on Monday! geettttt exciteeeeedddddddd XD

It's a Kawai K6, just in case you're interested and I haven't mentioned already...

Hmm...what else did I do...LOL i actually suck. 
Had a driving lesson?
yep. totes did that.

Also had a tennis lesson, coz I realise that I haven't played in like, a month, my trials are next next Monday, and it would suck if I didn't make the team next year. Especially coz I was first last year. Barely. ><

And to sum up my life these past few days in a few more words:


Okay, so one word.

And you know what's sad? When I'm procrastinating, there are so many things to do. Like, so many that I don't find any time to do work. BUT, when I'm on holidays and need things to do, there's nothing. zilch. then, I end up roaming around and reblogging stuff on tumblr. AND IT GOT SO BAD, THAT I EVEN FOUND MYSELF REBLOGGING THE SAME THING TWICE. IKR. LIKE WTF. WHO DOES THAT.

Anyways, my belated 16th birthday party is next Wednesday. LOOOL my birthday was like 3 months ago, but ahh well. Actually yesterday was my 16-and-a-quarter-th birthday. woop woop.

Okay, I have nothing to say, I may as well just stop.
woop woop.

oh. here's something. I decided that www.iniarggna.tumblr.com was an impractical URL, so I changed it to www.jackbingmorninggazette.tumblr.com,
If you're a friends fan, you'll get it.

PPS. I ship matteney forevs.

PPPS. Been roaming tumblr and am finding heaps of extremely dedicated friends fans. Like, freakily dedicated. Like, omg-wtf-are-you dedicated. Seriously, look at this person's room.

And the sad thing is, I actually think that it would be super cool to have a room like that. WHICH IS SAD.
Although, as great as Matthew Perry is, I do fine the life-size cutout of him a bit creepy.

Now please enjoy these friends gifs and pics I've gathered over the last few days.



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