Tuesday, April 24, 2012

iwillpostmoreiwillpostmoreiwillpostmore !

hello all!


Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to post everyday for the rest of the month because this month so far only has 9 posts, which is really, really sad especially considering that I was on holidays for the start of it.

Every month since I started this blog my number of posts per month have been decreasing at a slow but steady rate, BUT NOT THIS MONTH. I WILL POST EVERYDAY. AND I WILL MAKE EACH POST A REASONABLE LENGTH. EVEN IF IT MEANS WRITING 'HI' AND THE TOP THEN FILLING UP THE PAGE WITH ADORABUBBLE TUMBLR IMAGES.

that's a great plan you got there Nicole!

referring to yourself in third person. that's how the cool kids do it.

So I guess I'll have to summarize the last few days for you now... /hearsgroanwhichmusthavecomefrommebecausethereisnobodyelseintheroombutthenyourealisethatthevoiceisontvsoitprobablycamefromthere

screw Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, that word i just said is the longest word ever.

Anzywahzzz (the new way of saying 'anyway' to avoid being repetitive, you'll catch on eventually), not too much has happened in recent times. On Sunday my Chinese class went out to yum cha for lunch. LOL I'm allergic to heaps of stuff so me and Hannah and Louise (they were also allergic to all this stuff) got our own menu ! Which was actually pretty cool, because it meant that I could actually eat everything without censoring it first and we also got more food. LOL everything i consumed at that lunch had pork in it, which I'm not really sure is coincidental or what, but it just happened that way.

After that, me and Lilian and Peta (for a while) went shopping for a bit. Didn't buy anything, but eh. Window shopping is fun. :)

School has been pretty average lately. Got a couple of marks back, and they were both good, so I'm happy. Although, in English, we're watching this documentary, [The Heart of the Empire], which is just.....fdngfnsdfoi i hate it so much. It's not bad, exactly, but.....vfdjvnsoifgsrdf. So it's basically about these guys who formed this group and walk around the streets dressed as star wars characters, mainly storm troopers. It actually sounded really interesting because all the other classes are doing documentaries about war and the children of prostitutes, etc, EXCEPT OURS IS FULL OF SICK KIDS. Seriously, it's the saddest thing ever, and there is only a certain amount of sadness that I can take. Like, even our teacher was crying in the lesson. And seriously, I don't care how good something is- if it's too sad, I'm going to hate it. AND WE NEED TO WATCH IT AGAIN. LIKE WTF. I CANNOT SIT THROUGH THAT AGAIN. I CANNOT. LAST TIME I WATCHED IT I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THE SAD BIT SO I AT LEAST GOT THOUGH HALF OF IT THINKING IT WAS GOOD. NOW I KNOW WHAT'S COMING, AND I CANNOT WATCH IT AGAIN. I CANNOT. I CANNOT. I REALLY, REALLY CANNOT. AND THEY'RE SO HAPPY AT THE BEGINNING.

One lesson moved English from one of my favourite subjects to my least, least, least favourite subject that I am actually dreading going to.


On a brighter note, Chemistry, Physics, Maths B, Maths C and Chinese are all fun.

We had a cyber-safety talk during periods 1 and 2 today. LOL it was pretty much exactly the same talk that we got last year- videos, examples and everything.

I was also meant to have a tennis match in the afternoon to decide if I'm gonna be in the Senior A or Open team, except the girl that I was gonna play was away so I didn't end up playing her and have to next Tuesday morning.

ANZAC Day tomorrow which means.........................no school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm too excited about this, seriously. Gonna go and watch The Avengers with some people, always fun.

Have you realised how much I have typed in this post? This has actually took me like, half and hour (although I took breaks to check my various social networking sites, so idk how long it really took). And I haven't even included any pictures! Obviously I'm not gonna keep it that way for too much longer, but still. #pride

One thing that I didn't mention- had a piano lesson, and apparently my exam's been booked for June...3rd? i think? which is actually really close so I'm starting to freak out.

looooooool just checked my word count and I've got 758 words. If only I was this dedicated to my school assignments, I'd have everything done super quickly.

Anyway, to continue with tradition, I post hilarious pictures of things that I've run into this week. (PS this is my new favourite tumblr account)


Oh Ellen, I love you.



I love joey’s face.

as do i.


Just like Chan-man (: hahaha


can’t believe it’s been two years since i bumped into my favourite guy in the world. 

i just got really excited for some reason.
do you understand exactly how jealous i am of this girl for meeting him? DO YOU UNDERSTAND??????????

and that's all for now!



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