Friday, April 20, 2012

New Banner


So I'm not sure if you notice the things that I do to my blog, but I totally just made a new banner!

Okay that was a lie. I made it ages ago (a few days ago) to use as the banner for my tumblr, but I liked it and I really need a new banner for here, so I changed it :)

My blog number one and my tumblr number one now both have the same banner. It's actually kind of sad because I have two blogs and two tumblrs, so I have to called them blog number one, blog number two, tumblr number one, and tumblr number two.

LOOOL now I'm just filling up space, because I can't stand the thought of a short post on my blog number one.

Do you realise- this it the second time I have posted in like, an hour. d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d is the word for that. D-E-D-I-C-A-T-E-D.

*still filling up space*

You know what?
This space would be better filled with pictures. XD

And because I looove this blog so much, I'm just going to post pictures of Chandler dancing on things that I stole from it :)



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