Monday, April 16, 2012

Trolley Day and Tennis Trials

Hello hello hello hello hello!

As you'll notice by the large amount of hello's I just typed, I'm in a fabutastic mood. LOOOL no- school starts tomorrow. But I'm in as fabutastic a mood as I'll ever be at a time like this. Becauseeeeee I totally beat these really pro people at tennis. I also lost to a couple of other pro people but BIG IF. I BEAT SOME. BLEH. :)

Okay so I've just decided that I really shouldn't be talking about my tennis trials yet coz I haven't mentioned trolley day yet and I would like my posts to be in chronological order.


Every year, my primary school has a school fete, and even though I graduated ages ago, I still go every year (I'm totally planning on going again this year XD). ANYWAY, it's called Mayfest and they have all these stalls and rides and fireworks and all that, and it's really fun. Last year, a group of us (my friends some people who I never even hung out with before then) got together coz we got bored, don't even ask. So we got together and played some stuff and truth or dare on the basketball courts. But there was an abandoned trolley on the courts, and people kept refusing to do their dares, so we made this rule that if you refused your dare, then you would get put in the trolley and pushed somewhere. Okay by pushed somewhere I mean someone would push as hard as they could then let you go. Not really safe, but eh. No one got hurt or anything. So then the game became truth, dare or trolley. Anyways, after that we created a Facebook group, and decided to meet up every now and then for a trolley day, which so far have all been movies.

I'll now list all the people in the trolley group.
- Me
- Lauren
- Daniel Dao (he didn't go to our primary school and actually joined later)
- James
- Sonia
- Tricia
- Lucette
- Meera
- Ben
- Sarah

But some of these people haven't been to a single trolley day, so idkkkkkkkk.

Anyways, on Friday we went to see American Pi Reunion, which was.....it was okay. That's all I'll say about it right now :) Then I had to leave early coz I had a tennis lesson.


Today were my tennis trials! And I'll just state exactly what happened coz I've been typing for ages now and I'm really starting to cbf.
I beat Beth, I beat Rachael (still not sure how that happened), I beat Annabelle, I lost to Issy, I lost to Katja. The last two were really pro year 9 or possibly 10 (?) people who were too pro for their age group and got put in the open draw ><

Anyways. To keep up with tradition, here's a nice looking picture.

That's all for now.



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