Sunday, May 6, 2012

ain't about the cha-ching cha-ching


I have great new for y'all: I have finally solved my 'omg what do i put as a title' crisis (if there isn't an obvious one). I just turn my iPod on and use the first lyrics I hear that have any sort of resemblance to my life.
Price tag was playing, and i like the word cha-ching. What can I say.

Feeling super popular on tumblr at the moment coz people keep tagging me in their tag games :) Except there was another one that I totally answered, but it didn't publish on my wall! ikr. shocking. and it took me ages so I don't wanna do it again. !! wait. I'll just paste the three that did publish on here, for the record.

Real Tag Game where I was actually tagged.

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My Questions! :
1. How long can you stand on one leg?
Until I get bored. Which happens quite quickly, it turns out.
2. You’re alone at home. A large cockroach flies into your room. What do you do?
Scream and run. 
3. Describe your ideal perfect day.
Overseas, probably Indonesia coz that’s where most of my family is, just chilling with friends, shopping, watching friends (coz…you know), etc, without any overhanging stress. 
4. What would you change about your life?
I would…hmm…okay so this isn’t really relating to me specifically but I’d ban school assessment.
5. Are you a fun person to be around?
I would like to think that I am. 
6. What is the one thing you want but know you can never have?
Erm…..the friends apartment. Or like, to randomly bump into Matthew Perry on the street. I would say friends reunion but I’m still hoping that that’s gonna happen.
7. Do you feel comfortable getting emotional in front of people? Or do you only show your true emotions in private?
Depends which emotions. I’ll get really happy/excited in front of people, but I’d rather be sad/angry in private.
8. If you created a time-travelling machine and could travel back or forward in time to any moment you desired…what color would you make the time-travelling machine?
Oooh, tricky question. LOL <3 I would make it metallic blue, coz metallic blue is a pretty colour. But it would have silver bits on it so it looks fancy. 
9. What’s the worst movie you have ever watched?
I don’t watch bad movies. I don’t really like musicals too much though, coz I always end up falling asleep while they’re singing.
10. Any special/interesting/weird/creepy talents?
I can hula-hoop until my legs get tired from standing up for so long. 
11. Did you honestly try standing on one leg and calculating how long you could do it?
I did :)

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1. Favourite place that you have travelled to and why?
Probably LA, because I just really liked it and it was really fun! I really like Indonesia too though coz that’s where most of my family is :)
2. Would you rather meet your favourite blogger or meet someone who told you you’re their favourite blogger?
Someone who told me that I’m their favourite blogger.
3. What would you do if you were trapped in a room that had nothing in it but a couch, water and food for a day?
I’d sleep for a bit then I’d probably make shapes out of the food or take the couch apart or something, just for something to do. 
4. MAC or PC?
MACs are growing on me, but I still say PC. 
5. Describe the state of your room in 3 words.
Messy, Crowded, Amazeballs
6. Which is more important, money or love? and explain.
Love. Although life would really suck without either of those. I have to explain? hmm… Well, I think that money can only buy so much, and life without love would be very un-fulfilling. 
seemed appropriate
7. What is your favourite outfit?
I actually can’t think of one right now. I’ll say this one though, because I <3 my blackmilks.
8. Have you ever confronted someone that you don’t like?
Depends what you mean by confront. I have not ever directly let someone know that I don’t like them, although I’ve definitely spoken to them. 
9. Favourite gif :D
I don’t have a favourite, but this one is definitely way up there.

10. Who do you ship more? Clato or Peeniss?
I’ll just ignore this question having never watched/read the hunger games.
11. How would you react if your best friend told you that they were moving away to a different country?
I would force them to stay, much like this. 

Then they’ll stay, and I won’t have to react! XD

1. if you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for?
Honestly, I’d probably be really corny and go for: 
- lifelong health
- lifelong happiness
- lifelong health and happiness for my family and friends
But if I had to pick more trivial things, then I’d probably say:
- Meet Matthew Perry
- Own a shopping center (free stuff woooo)
- Get good grades this term/year
2. what were the last three songs you had listened to? 
Hmm. *goes back three songs in ipod*… Breathing (Jason Derulo), Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson), Stand Up (One Direction)
3. what was your very first url? how did you come up with that url? 
It was…. www.iniarggna.tumblr.com LOL. My middle name is Anggraini, and iniarggna is Anggraini backwards :) *original*
4. strangest dream?
I have so many strange dreams, but I still think that my strangest one was that time that I dreamt I was in my history exam, and the whole dream was just me doing the test. 
5. best christmas present?
Ooooh… probably my indestructible iPod touch that I got a couple of years ago. Seriously, I’ve dropped that thing down the second story of my house, into puddles, into my soup…STILL WORKS. 
6. favorite fandom?
7. when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?
Well, I went through stages, but when I was about 3 to 9-ish, I wanted to be a teacher :)
8. favorite jonas brother and why? (lol i just had to do it)
I never listened to them DX But my favourite is Joe, coz Joe Jonas is one of the coolest names ever. Or Nick. Purely because Nick sounds like Nicole. Okay no, not Nick. 
9. if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you eat? 
Ramen noodles.
10. favorite childhood tv show?
Also went though stages. I know that I’ve been watching friends for the longest, but when I watched it when I was little, it wasn’t my favourite show (It only became my favourite the year before last). I really liked Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the non-animated one). 
11. top 5 blogs?
Ooh tough one. I’m gonna list more than 5, grouped into catagories!!!! *WoOoO so organised*
Well, I really like my irl friends’ blogs:
My other blog is really great…coz it’s mine, and I only post things that I think are great.
Then…the friends themed blogs
Then other blogs!
- and yours, of course! :)
LOL I listed 12…I’m indecisive XD 
I knowwwww that I’m meant to list 11 questions, but this is my third one today, and I’m all questioned out! I might tomorrow though

The other was was really deep though, so I'm fine not posting it. 

I haven't posted in a couple of days.... but yeah. Yesterday I had tennis WHICH I TOTALLY WON (WOO). Actually, the most epic thing happened. 

Okay, so I was at the net volleying, and my partner hit this ball really high right in front of the net on the other side. Then the opponent was about to smash it and i was like, terrified (coz.....you know. I was standing right where he was going to smash it). Anyways, I ducked and like closed my eyes and must have stuck my racket up somehow (not intentionally or anything). Then the ball totally came right at me, hit my racket and went back over the net and they couldn't get it back so we won XD

And then a totally not epic thing happened later after that. I was finished playing, and the place that I was playing at has these really nice lollies in their shop. So I had bought/was eating my lollies and was walking up the road beside the courts to the court that we were playing on, when this ball flew over the fence of one of the other courts and hit me on the head. I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING COZ THE LOLLIES WERE SO YUMMY. cvjgkmpdrhn oh well. 

I woke up pretty late coz I slept really late yesterday, and yeah. Then we went to pick up my semi dress that was getting hemmed :) And yeahh, that was all good.....Then we went tot he shops to get Vanessa's present (her party's tomorrow) and I ended up getting my clutch for the semi from equip!  We also went to look at shoes and there was this dfjnodoisng pretty one from Betts. AND IT WAS LIKE, 50% OFF TOO. AND IT MATCHED MY DRESS REALLY WELL (LIKE, THE DETAILING). BUT MY MUM WAS LIKE FVSDJFOSE TOO HIGH. THEN I WAS LIKE DX SDFLSNGWRL. 

So yerr. Still needa buy shoes. 

Yesterday I did all those tag games, and I ended up having to go through my tumblr likes a few times to find some pictures/gifs to include, and I found some ridiculously hilarious ones. I'll probably post them in another post tonight, like some of them had me literally lolling. And would be rofling if my chair didn't have such great holding-in powers and back support. 

Okay. Sick of typing now.



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