Monday, May 28, 2012

Chemistry, check.


So I can tick chemistry off of my assessment schedule because.....I'M DONE FOR THE TERM!

I still have my other five subjects, but still. A huge weight has been lifted, as I would say.
That's right. I quote myself. :B

And might I add right now- you all probably know by now that I've been added to f-r-i-e-n-d-s-confessions blog that I oh so loved, and have been making confessions :) WHICH HAS ACTUALLY BEEN SO FUN. [and www.friendscafe.org has totally become my favourite non-social networking website. It has like, every single picture from the casts' photoshoots, individual modelling photos, heaps of screen shots. It's just great, really]. Well anyways, someone sent in this confession;

Okay that pretty much sums up my exact view. And it got 54 notes, which is just awesomesauce. Or fabutastic, as I would say. <-- I did it again.

So anyways.
Chemistry is now off my shoulders! Although, stand down starts on Thursday next week, and my piano exam is on Sunday. :/

Ahh well. I not totally unprepared for everything. 

THIS MORNING, I caught the train that I sometimes catch when I really couldn't be bothered to get up early, which usually gets me to school at about quarter past eight, and Sonja waited for me at the train station. Our chemistry was due, so we figured that we could walk up to school by 8:15 then submit our chemistry then go to class, EXCEPT. THIS STUPID LIGHT. HAD US STANDING THERE. FOR ABOUT. 7. MINUTES. And we got to the staff-room at 8:21, right in time to see our teacher take the box away. THEN we spent ages trying to hand it in, and some teachers are mean, I tell you. THEY MEAN. Thank god for a couple of nice ones who actually did take ours. 

Now I'm going to upload a selfie because I've noticed that practically everyone who owns a blog does. Plus I think my hair looks nice in it. Although it is a bit close to my face for my liking, but eh. I'll live.

Good day, all.



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