Thursday, May 31, 2012



I understand that the happy birthday wish in the title is quite pointless, cause I'm very sure that she doesn't read my blog, but OH WELL. YOLO.
what even.

Anyways, today was Sabi's birthday!
Made a chocolate cake last night, and got up suuuuuuper early this morning so we'd get to school before she did (she still beat us, but yolo), so I'm pretty tired right now. Not that I'm ever not tired, considering my average of 5 hours of sleep per night. (yolo)

the cake
It's all chocolatey, cause Sabi likes chocolate...

LOL we gave her this hugee amount of chocolate, because we're going to give her the actual present when she has her party, but everyone else also gave her heaps, and omg she had so much.

Birthday presents so far.  (Taken with instagram)
her presents

And have you heard? It's the last day of Autumn! Three hours until winter starts.....i do like winter.

Here are some more pictures from today. (stolen from Diem's blog because I didn't take any photos)

Okay, goodnight!



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