Wednesday, May 30, 2012

he followed her.


Today was a............Wednesday! [felt the need to establish that]
Anyways, this morning I had orchestra. LOL it was so funny......it actually wasn't, I have orchestra every week. Although there was one particular running joke about a fake tan that was quite hilarious...

Then we had assembly! Not as exciting as you would think. Not that I would expect anyone to think that assembly was that interesting. We watched this fencing display though, and it actually looked so cool. Except...yeah. Me trying to fence would be like a.....like a.....like an uncoordinated soldier trying to sword-fight. I would think of a better example for right there, but I'm pretty tired right now...

Although I did just watch the Cougar Town season finale, and oh. my. gosh. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. JULES AND GRAYSON GOT MARRIED, AND.....AND..............

I didn't say that.
As if anything could rival mondler.
But seriously, look.

I also love how David Arquette was in it...although I do suppose that he and Courteney are still married.....

Anyway, I love cougar town. If you don't watch it, you really should. Really really.

So onto more relevant topics; my piano exam is in four days, and I am not ready. Like, I have all my songs and everything and according to my teacher should get an A, but I'm not ready. Not mentally ready.
And maybe a teensy bit unprepared.
Except I'm actually really excited for it to be over with because then I'll be onto my AMUS, which is a lot more recognised than CMUS. Like, people will ask me what grade I'm on, and I'll be all
'Oh, I'm on CMUS'
then they'd just be all
*stares at blankly*

Okay, remember a couple of sentences ago when I said that i was excited for after my piano exam?
I take that back. Stand down is after my piano exam. Actually, I love stand down, because walking round the school doing whatever I want and sleeping in most days makes me feel really cool, except with stand down comes exams...which suck. Really really. Especially considering my current level of productiveness (have not studied since my chemistry report was due on Monday).

On a brighter note, tomorrow is Sabi's birthday! Gonna make a cake soon :) loool we bought her this whole big bunch of chocolate, because.....she loves chocolate.

It's gonna be great fun.

I'll see you tomorrow!

PS. Matthew Perry followed Courteney Cox, if you were wondering what my post title was referring to. Read my rant of joy here.

And while you're at it, read this outrageous post.



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