Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Back


I realise that this blog has been really neglected, probably because I'm screwed for like, practically everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

- My piano exam is in like, 2 weeks, and I really suck. (and I have a rehearsal performance tomorrow which I'm really not looking foreword to)

- My chemistry report is currently nonexistent, and I have to finish a draft by Monday.

- My physics test is on Monday, and.....omfg I know nothing.

- Violin competition on Monday, similar situation to piano- I suck.

and in conclusion, fml.

On a brighter note, yesterday was super cool. I basically attended one class all day, because in period 2 we had assembly and after that I had a Chinese excursion! The excursion was actually really cool because we went to UQ and they had this program where everyone who went split into three groups and rotated around these activities. The first one was a bit boring because it was just like...interpreting using this software thing. But the second was was really fun- LOL. We did this game thing where it was like...yeah it was fun. And they played this ridiculous song, which was SO FUNNY OMG. Like, it sounded like a really legitimate song (it was in Chinese), but when you look at the translations its like wtf.
Like, the lyrics were literally 'I'm sorryyyyy I can't speak Chineseeeee, I want to be friendsssssss'

Wait, here it is.

And yeahh, it was so catchy, it's actually still in my head.

Anyways, then the third activity was this tea-making thing, which was really cool as well, except the tea tasted funny :) And we also did this paper-cutting thing, where you were meant to fold this paper and cut it in the right places and when you opened it up, it would be the chinese character for happiness (?) or something. But LOL I failed. Mine actually looked really cool though, it just wasn't a proper character.

And yeahh XD

Then at night, we had a music concert, and Sonja, Sabi and I basically just bummed around at school playing piano and eating until 8.

Okay, got tennis now.



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