Friday, May 11, 2012

Just 30 cents


Yes, I know that I have ditched you, yes...dfgnivownergwrn. I have nothing to say for myself.

I'm sure you've heard- soft-serves from McDonald's are now only 30 cents. LOL that was pretty much what convinced me to start taking the bus home from school now, and I've actually gotten a soft-serve everyday for the last four days. #healthyliving

Here's a hilarious story for you.
On Tuesday (day one of my new bus-ness), Sonja, Sabi and I (LOL in physics our teacher was going on about how you should never put yourself first. da da da duuuuuummmmmm) were on the bus discussing how cheap the soft serves were, and Sabi was like
'woah, you could buy 100 soft-serves for $30!'
then Sonja was like
'loool that would be so funny'
then i was like
'yeah lol'

[okay, i can't actually remember exactly what we said, and I'd like to believe that I contributed more than just 'yeah lol' to this conversation]

Anyway, after all this discussion we decided that we were actually going to go and (fake) order 100 soft-serves. So we went up to the guy and sabi was like
'could we have 100 soft serves please?' *gets out $30*
then the guy was practically like

We didn't end up going through with the purchase [what would we do with 100 soft-serves?], but it was really funny all the same :)

On Wednesday, we caught the bus again (as we did all week) and went to typo! (after getting our soft-serves)
I seriously love typo, not even kidding. I bought these two things.....wait, here's a photo. 

As you all know, I looooove anything to do with New York. And @ signs are just plain cool. And together they say @ NEW YORK. +151583213158
On Thursday, we just got soft-serves then bought Diem cookies then left.
Today, Sonja and I went to do photo-stickers! I would post our thing, but I really cbf and I suck at decorating so they aren't so great.
Here are some other things that I did today:
- FINALLY UNDERSTOOD MY CHEM!!! #ACCOMPLISHED (i didn't even have chem today, we were just talking about it in Physics.)
- Swimming. Ugh. 
- Got the stimulus for my physics exam next Friday. I understand it and all.....but ugh.

By the way, when I went to Vanessa's party on Monday, Vanessa and Sonja both gave me my really super-dooper belated birthday presents. Here are pictures.

From Sonjaa

Sonja's card. (WOO)

from Vanessa

Sonja also got me this super cool cupcake memo pad thing but I forgot to take a picture of it :(

Okay I'm getting sick of typing now,
Mayfest tomorrow! Get exciteddddd!!!!!!!



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