Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayfest, Mothers Day, and some stuff after that


I realise that it's been ages since I blogged last...see the thing is, I can't really be bothered to blog these days. Even when heaps of stuff actually happens.
Anyway, you can expect a short-ish and brief post today :)


Last Saturday was Mayfest!!! Basically, Mayfest is my primary school fete which I went to every year while I was in primary school, and have been to every year since!

LOOOL I basically go for the food now. Like, I had tutor in the morning then went straight there, and none of my friends were there yet so I basically just ate everything. Here's a list of things that I ate:

- hot chips
- hot dogs
- plate of honey puffs
- water (if you wanna count that as eating
- like, 5 bags of chips
- all these lollies that I bought from the yummo lolly shop
- these home made marshmallows that were so good dfjigrondogrd

I SWEAR THERE WAS MORE. There was definitely more, I just can't remember it right now. Because I was constantly eating.

Anyway, my friends came then I basically went round eating even more food. And played sideshow alley for ages, and kept winning ridiculously large packets of chips (LOL Anahita won like, a quarter of the amount of stuff I won for the same amount of money :D)

I went on one ride... (the avalanche, always great) and we chatted for ages (new trolley group, WOO).

LOOOL at the end of the night, they always have fireworks, and my friends and I had been sitting on the basketball courts chatting for a while when they came on. So when they were about to start, we decided to get comfy and lie down (the wind was blowing directly to us, and the fireworks were so close that when we were lying down, we had the best view- they were literally exploding right above us). Anyways, one thing we didn't really consider was that because the wind was blowing directly at us, the smoke was going to come too. So LOL after a few fireworks were were basically just sitting in a big puff of smoke. Literally. And all the other people around us had gone away because of the smoke, but we were all comfy...

Anyways. It was fun.

So yeah...that was basically my Mayfest 2012. I would include pictures, but I forgot my camera! </3


On Sunday, it was Mothers Day, so we all went out to Sizzler's for lunch.
End of story. :)


Swimming, ugh.


I realise that I'm actually quite behind on...well, everything really. I needa finish my chemistry pronto...and I've done very little. which is sad.

So sad, in fact, that I won't go into it anymore.

I also think that it's worth mentioning that today is also Monica and Chandler's 11 year anniversary.

Okay, that's all I have to say for now!

Goodnight x



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