Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the name is bond, hydrogen bond.

sup y'all,

I gone southern.

Check it.


i don't think that was southern.

i suck.




Today was actually great. In my mind, anyway.
We had assembly, which killed my butt as it does every week, but Tara did a speech during i which was actually really interesting. It was about time. 
Not like, it was time that she finally did a speech, but like, the speech was about the concept of time. LOL i just reread that and realised what it sounded like. 

Then in chinese, out teacher was away and she left some instructions, but i didn't get them so basically spent the whole double on memrise, this website where you can learn chinese and its really fun coz they have leader-boards and stuff and you get to make your profile all cool and stuff.
LOL I'm jackbingmorninggazette, naturally. And my bio is as follows:

I'm a transponster.

And my picture is the Rosswalk. As in this one:

I actually love whoever made this.
But yeah. I totally got up the leader-board, I think I was like 19th of the day? or possibly 29th? one of those, it had a 9 in it.

And and morning-tea and lunch and just then on msn, me and Diem were having this massive convos about friends, mainly stepped from this friends confessions tumblr. And we were like arguing over some trivial points in the series and deciding which characters us and our friends were...it was so fun. I'm a mix between Chandler and Ross. And this was me upon hearing that.


This would have to be my favourite GIF. Ever.

I love Chandler and Ross. Although, I love all of the characters, so.....yeah.....

I love talking about friends. If you hadn't already guessed.

I should probably make a reference to this post's title about now...
In case you're a bit out of it, that's the name of our chemistry assignment, WHICH I HAVE NOT YET STARTED. I'm beginning to understand it a bit better though..... but we didn't have chemistry today anyways. And tomorrow's a computer lesson, so I can work on it then!!!!!

Okay, see you tomorrow! x




FRIENDS. Through thick and thin, always there.



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