Monday, May 21, 2012



You really needed to imagine that when I just said 'Hi', it was in a super depressed way. Like Ross. And if you don't get the reference, just leave.


Okay so yeah, today was a stupid day.
I had to get up super early, because my brother decided to join the choir. If you're thinking 'wtf' right now, we are in the same boat.

It's so weird- lately I've been using all these weird phrases. Like, today I said 'Average Joe'. Wtf is with that. 

Okay so back to complaining. 

Then in period three I had a physics exam. And OMFG i now hate physics. I'm kidding i love physics. But not after this test. I'm kidding. It's easy. The test was super hard. Which makes me hate physics. But I love physics. But...

Fml. It sucked, end of story.

THEN I had my violin competition in the afternoon, which also sucked and I made like 86285132 mistakes. 

Okay, end of post.

See you tomorrow.

If I could be bothered.



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