Friday, May 4, 2012

Tag game!


I just did one of those tumblr quizzes titled 'tag game', so I thought I'd paste it here. (WOO) laziness for the win.

Tag Game!
Tagged by: So…umm…I didn’t get tagged. I just thought that the questions looked interesting. I skipped a few though. :)
1. What are your previous URLs?
2. First follower?
3. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
Not gonna lie- I never watched the hunger games or a few of the harry potter movies. But because I did see a few hp ones i say harry potter.
4. #2 tumblr crush?
7. Red or Green?
9. Grab a dictionary, turn to page 187 then look for the 14th word. give its definiton.
courier n. : running or express messenger, person employed to make travelling arrangements esp. on foreign tours.
10. Put on a blindfold. Take three steps to the left. What do you see?
I ran into my printer.
11. What is the bravest thing that you’ve done?
I don’t do brave things, sorry.

I actually love doing quizzes, in a similar way that I love filling out forms. I don't even know why, but I just do. And hey- now I know what a courier is. LOL KIDDING I ALREADY KNEW. At least I know that blindfolding yourself (or in my case cbf-ing then just closing your eyes) can result in..... running into your printer. Probably not in most cases though......hmm.....

Okay, unless you've already read it, I would ignore that whole last paragraph. 

We had swimming today, and if you know me at all then you know that I was most definitely not very happy about this. We were doing different types of entries, and I'm not even kidding- by the time I was done I must have swallowed like, idk, a truckload of water. But that's just an estimate. And my nose hurt too, coz we kept having to do these stride entry's where we were meant to jump in and keep our head above water, and I kept failing. And like, when you're expecting your head to stay above the water, you don't cover your nose. I probably could have learnt from my first couple of go's, but fnidhgosenfg. I didn't. And even if I had, I don't think covering my nose for a stride entry would have made me look so great. 

We also had chemistry and guess what? I totally understand the task now ! I still haven't done anything useful, but I UNDERSTAND IT. WHICH MEANS THAT I HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL. :)

On a totally different note, tumblr went down for about 10 minutes today, and I finally realised that I have no life. I actually just sat there refreshing the page and tweeting about my distress for the 10 minutes. 

Now, I don't know who made this, but whoever it was: I LOVE YOU.

and this.

Okay, That's all for now!

awwwwwwwwwww so beautiful… i want to me! loved it! <3



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