Monday, May 7, 2012

Vanessa's 16th!!!


Today was...Vanessa's 16th birthday party!!!
So this morning, Diem came over (as usual), and yes yes then we went to Vanessa's! (i realise that I use so many !exclamation! marks these days. It's so weird.)

Anyways, at Vanessa's we did all this fun stuff like:

- ate
:) the cake was super yummy. and we had pizza and KFC. and we also played that cup game that we learnt at music camp. I know they video'd it so I'll post it on here if I ever get a hold of that video. 
- played just dance on Wii
Looked like idiots, but it was super fun. Like, super dooper fun. Like, I need to get this game desperados-ely.
- played Wii sports on Wii
totally beat Diem 
- played hide and seek
Okay, so I found this brilliant hiding place in one of the rounds (2nd? I think?) underneath their dining table, but behind the table centre bit, so you couldn't see me when you just glanced into the room, AND THEY TOTALLY FORGOT TO FIND ME. IKR. I WAS LIKE WHAAAAT. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME. I WAS THERE FOR TWO ROUNDS. Although I did win, like by 75689745923 times (my own measuring), so it wasn't that bad. 
- watched abduction
As much as I was protesting against watching it while we were voting, I actually though that it was quite a good movie. It was trippy. Vevry trippy.

Okay, picture time!

i can hide behind half-eaten Doritos, coz I'm super cool.

We look so happy, it's a bit scary.

one of us is clearly doing the steps wrong.

taken in mid-conversation.

wise words, mug. wise words.

And...that's all I have to say! I'll be posting funny pictures (for real) in about 2 minutes though...so stay tuned! (I suck, seriously.)


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