Friday, June 15, 2012

Dum dum diddledy dee.


I do understand that my post titles are just going downhill...at least you kinda get my mood from it.

So today was our Physics exam! It was at like, 8:00 this morning, then at 9:35 we were freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Okay, technically, I still have my Chinese exams on Monday, but BLEH. FOR PURPOSES OF THIS POST, I AM FINISHED ALL ASSESSMENT. HAH. HAH.

After the exam, I went to the city with Diem and Sonja. The original plan was to go and just eat Korean food for lunch, so I didn't bring any money, but APPARENTLY 10:00am is too early for lunch. ><
So we went shopping.
loool I basically just had this huge pile of $2 coins, and was paying for everything with them :)

at the bus stop

We went to David Jones, Typo (where Sonja and I got these huge canvases that we ended up having to carry round all day), the Body Shop (to try on hand creams, naturally), then all these clothes stores. Wait...here are pictures of all the stuff that I bought...

It's beautiful. Still not sure where I'm gonna hang it though.
Typo had a 5 for $5 deal. 
A piano can make anything look fancy.

So after all that we ate lunch at Madtongsan! :)
It was actually so good- I had this spicy...noodley...dumplingy....soup. LOL forgot the Korean name, but here's a picture.

It was actually so good!

After that, we went to a couple more shops then went to check out the Winter Festival :)

Thennnnnnn Sonja left, and Diem and I did even more shopping! LOL and I was about to go home but Diem was like 'Nooooooooooo' (cause she had to wait for her sister), so we went and did photo-stickers.

Loool our eyes look super creepy. And we're wearing glasses in the majority of them.

Sighhs, now I'm like super bored, and I REFUSE to study. I also needa clean my room...lol it's actually so messy. I took a picture yesterday, and you must brace yourself.


It's gonna take me a while, I know.

Also, just FYI- it's Courteney Cox's birthday today. I know you're all super pumped.

I didn't make this. Kudos to whoever did. 

Gonna go watch more of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Sighhs I basically finished the whole thing on the weekend, then I finished all of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and now I'm re-watching KUWTK from season one. :)
And apparently Kourtney gave birth to her baby girl today, but I only know from something she tweeted so I really can't go on about it. 
I might tomorrow though, brace yourself.




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